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Aamir had heard the script of 3 Idiots in bathroom,he opened the secret of his own success

Aamir Khan’s film Secret Superstar is going to be released on October 19. In this, Dangal girl Jaira Wasim is in the lead role. Although Aamir is doing a cameo role in this film, he has described it as the toughest role of his career so far. He also surprised all his fans and then he surprised his films’ box office record. But Aamir does not consider himself the reason for this success. The reason behind this is very interesting.

In a conversation with the website inuth, Aamir said that he was the writer and director of the film, not only behind the hits of his films. Aamir says, “It is only good work that makes someone a star. When a movie is made good, then Star is born. No movie can be played by the star. I can never say that my film has succeeded because of me.
Aamir says that if you look at PK or Dangle or Three Idiots, then whatever happened due to me, the film was done in the first week of release, but the movie still went on because the film was good. Star collects only the first three days of the collection, the rest follow the writers and writers. PK and riots made me, I did not make pK and riots.

Secret Superstar
Aamir Khan in PK

You will be surprised to know Amir’s fees for ‘Thugs of Hindostan’

Aamir does not even believe that his film moves because of him. He said, “People say that movies run because of me, but movies do not happen, then I can not make anything. I myself think that if there are no films like Lagaan, 3 Idiots, Taare Zameen, then where would my career be? My career is due to these films. ”

secret superstar
Aamir Khan in Lagaan

Sunita Narrated 3 Idiots script in the bathroom

Regarding stardom, Aamir says, “I do not think I am a superstar. I do not take stardom too much. “He told that Kiran did not want to take him into the Dhobi Ghat film because she thought that Amir was a superstar. she was worried that with Aamir it would be difficult to shoot at the common location. Aamir celebrated him with a lot of difficulties. For this, he really left the star’s life.
The house they live in, in the movie, they started staying there before shooting. That house was in a crowded area of Mumbai. Aamir stayed here for three full weeks. Here he also met Rajkumar Hirani. 3 Idiots script he had heard here Aamir told that while he was writing the script, Hirani was sitting in the bathtub and he was in the bathroom.

Aamir Khan’s disclosure, the hardest role of a career in this film

secret superstar
Aamir Khan in 3 Idiot’s

‘Amitabh’s stardom cannot be repeated’

Aamir will be seen with Big B in his next film, Thugs of Hindostan. There is very fun to work with them. Amir says that Amitabh’s stardom cannot be repeated. His magic is different. He said that there was a time when six to seven movies of Amitabh were running together in the theater. ‘Don’, ‘Muqaddar Ka Sikandar’ and ‘Parvarish’ were released in the same year. His collision was often used by himself.


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