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Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra’s 5 Love Affairs.

In a current interview, our Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra discussed her lovemaking and also stated “Yes, I have become part of a love triangle. It Is incredibly complementary to have two men wooing you concurrently”.

 Priyanka Chopra's 5 Love Affairs.
It is stated that she has been in relationships with different celebs in the past, yet she never came out in the open. So, below are the 5 lucky guys with which she had purportedly been in a relationship.

1. Aseem Merchant

Priyanka Chopra's 5 Love Affairs.

It is claimed that he was her initial boyfriend throughout her modeling days and after coming to be the Miss Globe in 2000, she damaged up with him.

2. Shahid Kapoor

Priyanka Chopra's 5 Love Affairs.

Their supposed relationship spread like a fire after the release of their film ‘Kaminey,’ yet she never admitted it as well as maintained it as a trick.

3. Harman Baweja

Priyanka Chopra's 5 Love Affairs.

It is said that they have remained in a relationship for 5 years and also their love story started when they were starred in the film ‘Romance 2050’.

4. Akshay Kumar

Priyanka Chopra's 5 Love Affairs.

He was also in information for his claimed affair with Priyanka. However, Akshay’s other half Twinkle got a hint of it and asked him not to work with Priyanka Chopra.

5. Shah Rukh Khan

Priyanka Chopra's 5 Love Affairs.

If rumors are to thought after that it is stated that Shah Rukh’s spouse Gauri, that was once close to Priyanka boycotted her as well as cautioned SRK to not deal with her any longer.


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