Check How B-Town Bash Celebrates Holi

Holi is among the prominent festivals of India. The celebration of colors has a terrific relevance in our nation and also celebrated with much excitement for years. Much like citizens, our Bollywood stars too quite fond of this celebration and celebrate with much fanfare.

Over previous years, we have seen Bollywood celebrities congregating at each other’s place and also have a gala time with each other.

Amitabh Bachchan has hosted a couple of Holi celebrations years back; same goes for Javed Akhtar as well as Shabana Azmi. Their events were a complete star-studded affair which was an aesthetic reward for us to see precisely how celebrities appreciated this celebration of colors.

So, here some throwback images of the famous Bollywood Holi celebrations which will undoubtedly are probably not to missed.





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