Sonam Kapoor’s suffering with the dangers disease, said, “It’s getting difficult to breathe.”

Actress Sonam Kapoor’s fans are very excited about his next film, Veere The Wedding, but before that, there is bad news for his fans. Sonam Kapoor has told the social media that he is battling a day in a sick condition.

Tell us that due to the change in environment, Sonam Kapoor is having trouble breathing so that he has a disease named Bronchitis. Sonam Kapoor himself shares this information with Twitter on Facebook. Sonam tweeted, “I have never had trouble breathing in life. But for some time I have difficulty breathing, and I have been bronchitis. This is very scary. ‘

Not only this, but Sonam Kapoor has also reacted to the post of Actress Richa Chadha, in which Richa has told that she too is having trouble breathing. Richa has written, ‘Is anyone else looking mist from Mumbai? I have been having trouble breathing in the past few days. It looks like we are eating powders. ‘
Bronchitis is a disease caused by inflammation of the layers of bronchial tubes (bronchi), which is the place for air in the middle of the nose and lungs. It is also commonly known as a chest cold. Bronchitis is predominantly of two types of acute (one to three weeks of duration) and chronic, i.e., a continuous disease for at least three months every year, for two consecutive years. there were also rumors that Sonam Kapoor diabetes problems.


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