Diwali: With Changing Climate in Diwali Asthma Patients should follow these steps

Seasonal changes and diabetes are hazardous for patients who have asthma. During this time, they have to be very careful or otherwise their problems will increase. Now the Supreme Court has banned the sale of firecrackers, but there is no hardness in running crackers. In such a case, crackers will only run when they participate. We are telling you how people of asthma can take care during this time.


More than 20 million patients

Significantly, the sensitivity of the respiratory tract is increasing due to pollution across the country. Currently, approximately 1.5 to 2 million people are affected by asthma in the country. We are going to explain that asthma is a severe lung disease, which compresses the breathing hose, which causes breathing difficulties, chest tightness and cough. This problem can be reduced by increasing the amount of vitamin D in the food. Let us tell you how you can identify asthma. Patients with this issue often have trouble breathing in the night, especially during wheezing, chest tightness. Asthma specialist Dr. K. Aggarwal says that to prevent this, Patients should always be in touch with physicians.


Tips for Overcoming Asthma

Careful follow medical advice. Regular monitoring of asthma is essential and prescribed medications can help control the symptoms.



An asthma attack can avoid swelling and pneumonia vaccine.

Identify the triggers that trigger asthma, and it can be anything from allergies to dust and microorganisms.

Identifying the speed of breath and the possible attack of asthma, it will take time to take medication and take precautions.


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